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Social Media Week

This year's Social Media Week (#SMW) will be a deep dive into the democratization of creativity. Find out how marketers and ad agencies can effectively collaborate with creators to drive next-level engagement and how innovative digital content is being used to create communities that marketers can engage, grow and monetize.

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How Brands Are Winning in
the Attention Economy
Joe Gagliese - CEO Viral Nation
Tuesday, May 16, 2023, 

1:25 PM - 1:45 PM
Main stage

In the new age of social media, with always-on connectivity and distilled information, brands are struggling to capture the attention of their most valuable audiences. Marketers need to evolve their strategies to expand their influence, connect with their audience and win in the attention economy.

In this session, Viral Nation is joined by the education industry disrupting
Chegg and NYC lifestyle creator Adrian Vazquez to discuss their unique journeys to success in the new age of social media marketing. You will hear their perspective on how the attention economy has changed marketing and how evolved strategies empower brands and creators alike to thrive.

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Esther Lem
CMO - Chegg

Adrian Vazquez is an incredibly talented Brooklyn creator in the DIY & Home Decor space. In fact, the term “creator” is the perfect way to describe him, as his content typically revolves around - you guessed it - his creations! When it comes to turning trash into treasure, Adrian is truly unrivaled. His work speaks for itself, but what separates him from others is his instinct to infuse comedy, entertainment, and high-quality edits into his content. With an extensive background in filmmaking & branding, collaborations with brands such as Pinterest, Homedics and Kaiyo, Adrian is a jack-of-all-trades who’s only just getting started.

Adrian found his stride as a filmmaker and branding expert as the Creative Director of real estate brand SERHANT. Studios, where he manages every piece of content the studio produces. He oversees a weekly vlog that garners hundreds of thousands of views per episode, ensures the brand is consistent across all platforms and works with SERHANT.ID Lab on new strategies and content ideas that align with contemporary marketing technologies and techniques. He is heavily involved in the filming, editing, and production processes and he strives to create unique content that is bold, engaging, and innovative.

Esther serves as the Chief Marketing Officer driving all online and offline marketing and communications initiatives at Chegg, with an emphasis on consumer interest and rental behavior. Previously, Esther was the V.P. for Unilever’s Global Hair Category, working on various brands including Dove and Axe. Her prior role at Unilever was as Vice President, brand development for deodorants for Unilever in North America, where she presided over one of the biggest men’s personal care launches in U.S. history. In 2000, Lem came to the U.S., where she and other Unilever marketing executives focused squarely on the young male. Esther has been honored with numerous industry awards including Ad Age’s women to Watch, Marketer of the Year and multiple marketing and advertising awards.